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Raised in a militarized rural village, Sebastian developed a love for the sound of peace and dirt.

He studied classical music and communication sciences at the university of Leuven, graduating with an analysis of humor in the music of Frank Zappa. (Does Humor Belong in Music?)

Later he graduated as a master of fine arts at the RITCS, specialising in Radio. Here he focussed on the narrative functions of sound and the use of fieldrecording in storytelling.

He composes music for dance and theatre performances and makes podcasts and live radio, always with a special sensitivity for the emotional and narrative impact of sound and music.

He also makes audioguides and does studio work (recording, sounddesign, mixing) for third parties.

With the collective Varkenshond he plays traditional and ritual music from around the globe, with self-build and manipulated instruments.

For the Sonic Research Kithcen he scrutinizes the sounds of objects and records social interactions in the city and local natural eco-systems.

With the Megaphone Ensemble and the Collective Public Sound, he makes site-specific performances, invading space with sound.

As such he plays with the field itself, be natural or cultural, using the properties of architecture and geology, as if they are build-in sound-effects (resonance, reverb, panning and space).

Currently he is focussing on the sound of erosion, exploring the effect of these processes on matter and on memory.

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